“Lucy set up the Project Portfolio governance structure and processes. She added value from the beginning by overhauling the Enhancements process, revising the Opportunity Submission Docs and Business Case templates, as well as instituting a monthly Executive Operations Report which highlighted key issues for management and Executive.”
VP, Business Transformation and Governance, Life Insurance Company

“Greg understands the big, strategic picture as well as the end to end operational impacts of IT managed change.”
Senior Director, Telecommunications Company

“Lucy built and implemented a formalized Project Management Office, introducing much needed rigor and discipline to our project management practices. However Lucy’s real strengths lie in her ability to lead change and business transformation. Lucy’s collaborative approach, coupled with her strong business acumen helped to take our strategic initiative from a broad vague idea to one rooted in specific and measurable deliverables that have fundamentally changed the face of our organization. In addition to her ability to manage projects and lead change, one of Lucy’s greatest assets is her ability to coach and mentor. She can recognize talent and is proactive in cultivating it to increase engagement and drive business results”
VP, Customer Experience, Human Resource Company

“I was impressed by Lucy’s ability to quickly impact the level of project governance during a much needed time of intense change. Her level-headed and collaborative style proved critical to tactfully and successfully facilitating a diverse set of senior executives. “
VP, Operations, Life Insurance Company

“Greg was a great IT partner, and a pleasure to work with. His business centric approach and “get things” done attitude helped us accelerate our time to market, with better, lower cost solutions. “
Marketing Executive, Telecommunications Company

“Lucy structured the annual project planning process to allow for prioritization of projects on the basis of more than just revenue or sales, resulting in a more balanced portfolio that was aligned to the organization’s strategic initiatives.”
VP, Business Transformation and Governance, Life Insurance Company