solutionsDiagramOur mission is to increase your organization’s ability to deliver the projects and programs critical to achieving your strategic objectives. We believe maintaining a link from strategic planning through project portfolio development to project execution – connecting strategy to action – is critical to maintaining the organizational focus required to succeed.

We work directly with your team – from the executive level to project team leaders – to improve project management capabilities organizationally. We support corporate strategy in these main process areas:

Project Investment Optimization is a project portfolio management process to develop and effectively manage your project investment

Project Delivery Solutions focuses on developing processes and building capabilities within teams to consistently and predictably deliver projects on schedule and within budget

Outcome Realization provides a process framework to measure the business benefits of strategic initiatives, and provides crucial information about progress towards achieving objectives

Consulting & Advisory – from transformational change to resolving a burning issue, Sirrien Associates has the background and experience to deliver results and practical advice you can rely on.

Project Investment Optimization

Delivering projects typically accounts for a large part of any organization’s budget and staff commitment. Connecting strategy to action starts with optimizing your project investment. Sirrien Associates can help you develop effective management and governance processes that enable you to choose the right project mix for your organization.

We work with your team to create a repeatable portfolio development process that includes project selection, prioritization and decision making. Sirrien Associates can help you eliminate low-value initiatives and reallocate your resources to more productive investments.

Our approach includes stakeholder-engaged prioritization processes, as well as fact-based decision-making to define the right project portfolio mix while aligning to strategic goals and achieving maximum value for your investment.
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Project Delivery Solutions

In addition to choosing the right project portfolio mix to optimize your investment, connecting strategy to action requires successful project delivery. Sirrien Associates can help you achieve this in several ways:

  • Establish or elevate your PMO to improve project and program management capabilities
  • Create a tailored project management framework to provide clear roles, responsibilities, accountabilities and expectations to both project and operational teams taking into consideration the organization’s culture
  • Design a communication framework to provide clear, consistent reporting across all levels, eliminating a major cause of the poor relationships that often exist between client and delivery teams
  • Mentor and coach project stakeholders and project teams to provide more targeted improvements in effective project delivery

Sirrien Associates works with your team to create an environment that will enhance your project delivery success using good operating practices while taking into consideration elements of what’s currently working within your teams’ and your company’s culture.
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Outcome Realization

Sirrien Associates’ Outcome Realization methods focus on ensuring your organization’s investment actually delivers business value, not just project output. Outcome realization measures the costs and benefits (both intended and unintended) of the business results delivered by the projects. Our approach allows a more complete determination of project and investment success.

Outcome realization maps the outcome to the organizational strategic objectives and helps increase accountability for your leadership team and your staff by seeing the results of their project efforts contribute to the success of the organization.

A formal Outcome Realization process helps to evaluate the success of the outcomes and makes it easier to measure results. In addition, the learnings from this process will help refine your future project portfolio mix.
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