Project Portfolio Governance – Life Insurance Company

Built an enterprise Project Portfolio Governance organization for a newly outsourced IT department. Developed a project selection and prioritization model as well as a benefit tracking process to increase project delivery value.

Business PMO – Major Canadian Bank

Built a Project Management Office for the Retail and Small Business division of a major Bank including coaching and mentoring business resources to increase project capability.

Project Portfolio Investment Decision Model – Major Canadian Bank

Led the development of a project investment decision model for the Retail Markets division of a major bank resulting in more focused and effective return on investment.

Project Management Office – Human Resource Company

Build an enterprise Project Management Office to increase alignment to strategic objectives and improved executive decision making.

Project Delivery Assessment – Canadian Pension Organization

Evaluated the existing IT project delivery process & capability and provided recommendations for improving the IT-business relationship and a more effective project delivery model.

Project Management Capability – Human Resource Company

Developed an organizational training program that facilitated improved understanding of project management at all levels of the organization including executives, project teams, stakeholders, and managers.

Business Unit Strategic Plan – Canadian Pension Organization

Led the development of the IT Strategic Plan, with a 3-year roadmap. This included communicating the strategic plan to stakeholders and staff to increase awareness, engagement and adoption.

IT Governance – Canadian Pension Organization

Defined and created an IT Governance organization with a board-supported mandate to improve accountability for their IT investment. This resulted in improved controls and increased executive visibility into Information Technology’s key performance indicators.

Annual Business Planning – Human Resource Company

Facilitated the annual business planning process, working with the leadership team to evaluate internal capabilities, competitive and market landscape, technology and SWOT analysis to define a comprehensive plan tied to strategic objectives and the corporate scorecard.

Transformation Program – Human Resource Company

Led the design of a 3-year Transformation program to revamp its call center operations and technology to improve the customer experience.

IT Risk Management – Canadian Pension Organization

Established the IT Risk Management framework to help the organization receive ICFR (Internal Control over Financial Reporting) certification and developed a new process to increase efficiency for future audits.