Sirrien Associates is a management consulting firm focused on processes and methods that connect strategy to action.

Often, one of an organizations largest investments is in their project portfolio casino. We help our clients optimize this investment with a balanced portfolio, delivering more business value through better management, governance and execution.

Sirrien Associates has the experience to deliver solutions that help maximize the return on your project investment and meet your business goals.


Project Investment Optimization is a project portfolio management process to develop and effectively manage your project investment
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Project Delivery Solutions focuses on developing processes and building capabilities within teams to consistently and predictably deliver projects on schedule and within budget
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Outcome Realization provides a process framework to measure the business benefits of strategic initiatives, and provides crucial information about progress towards achieving objectives
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Consulting & Advisory – from transformational change to resolving a burning issue, Sirrien Associates has the background and experience to deliver results and practical advice you can rely on

Please contact us to see how we can help connect your strategy to action.

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